Buns of GloryBuns of Glory
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Buns of Glory

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Bum & Face Forward KitBum & Face Forward Kit
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Bum & Face Forward Kit

Rs. 1,200 Rs. 2,988
Hyper-repair Exfoliation PeelHyper-repair Exfoliation Peel
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Menop-Recovery Retinol Oil Hybrid SerumMenop-Recovery Retinol Oil Hybrid Serum
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Intense-repair Hydration SerumIntense-repair Hydration Serum
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Hyper Exfoliation Glow KitHyper Exfoliation Glow Kit
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Glow KitGlow Kit
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Glow Kit

Rs. 901.80 Rs. 1,503
Hexa-repair Sleeping MaskHexa-repair Sleeping Mask
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Hexa-repair Sleeping Mask

Rs. 1,050 Rs. 1,500
Anti-Pigmentation KitAnti-Pigmentation Kit
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Anti-Pigmentation Kit

Rs. 600 Rs. 698
Melasma Defence KitMelasma Defence Kit
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Melasma Defence Kit

Rs. 2,102 Rs. 3,503
Probiome KitProbiome Kit
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Probiome Kit

Rs. 900 Rs. 997